Methods For Illuminating Building Outline

Step 1
Before the installation of Flexilight on the building, the total power consumption should be carefully estimated in order to ensure a complete safe environment throughout the whole installation process.

Step 2
In the normal case, there is one main switch to control power release. First of all, main switch location and the electricity flow have to be determined in order to arrange the installation procedure. Apart from the Flexilight and accessories, some tools are required, for instance, stainless wire / steel wire, steel nails, Sleeve Anchor, Express Anchor, silicon glue, etc.


Step 3a

Installing Flexilight on horizontal surfaces

Nail every 40cm to form a straight line on a concrete surface.

23.jpg (3093 bytes)

Connect the nails with a steel wire and tie Flexilight along the steel wire with thin wires or tie straps.
24.jpg (4416 bytes)
Attach a Sleeve Anchor about every 40cm to form a straight line on a glass surface and connect them with a steel wire.
25.jpg (3953 bytes)
Attach Flexilight along the steel wire with tie straps.
26.jpg (5042 bytes)

Step 3b

Installing Flexilight on vertical surfaces

Attach an Express Anchor on both ends of building and then connect them with a steel wire.

27.jpg (6174 bytes)

Attach Flexilight along the steel wire with tie straps.

28.jpg (5921 bytes)


Step 4

Last But Not Least.....

After installation, please connect Flexilight with power cord or controller and insert an end cap at the end of Flexilight. For prevention of short circuits during raining, it is recommended to seal with silicon glue on all connections and joints. The last step is to connect Flexilight with electrical power for lighting. Finally, an attractive building with fantastic lighting effect appears.

29.jpg (8933 bytes)





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