General Instructions For Use


Use scissors to cut on the cutting mark as indicated on the series-wound units with the length you prefer.

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1. Cutting is only allowed to be made on the exact cutting marks. Otherwise, damaged circuit and burned bulbs may occur.
2. Copper wires inside the Flexilight should be cut neatly to avoid short circuit.


2.Covering End Cap

Cover the end side of Flexilight with an appropriate end cap and seal with silicon glue for insulation.

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Ensure the Flexilight is firmly secured by the end cap before plugging into the power source.


3. Connecting To Power Cord and Power Source

For Round-Shaped Flexilight

1. Push male connector into the wire points of Flexilight.
2. Insert the other end of the male connector into the female connector of the power cord.
3. Tighten the fasteners.
4. Plug into the power source.

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1. Ensure the pins of the connector have been inserted into the wire points deeply and tightly.
2. Ensure the Flexilight and power source have same voltage applications.
3. Do not plug into power source during installation.

For Rectango / Square Flexilight

1. Push the pins of the connector deeply into the wire points of the Flexilight.
2. Screw the housing clamp to complete the process.
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4. Lighting Effects

Various lighting effects, such as flashing, chasing, color changing can be created when Flexilight is connected to the appropriate controller.

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