Rectango Rainbow-Flexilight is the biggest Flexilight model now available. It is usually used for making very strong outline decorations. It is colorful and able to create the most versatile lighting effect when connected to the appropriate controller. Like other rectango models, Rectango Rainbow is also suitable for outlining edges on flat surfaces. Its strong colors and fancy lighting effects make it perfect for decorations in discos, nightclubs, karaoke or amusement parks.

Specifications of Rectango Rainbow
Voltage Loading Length Bulb Specification Number of Bulb/unit Power Consumption
12V 15' 3.0V, .07A, .21W 16 3.36 W
24V 30' 3.0V, .07A, .21W 32 6.72W
110-120V 75' 6.5V, .07A, .46W 72 33.12W
220-240V 150' 6.5V, .07A, .46W 144 66.24W


Package for Rectango Rainbow
Item Number Length Package Type
RF5C-12 36' Roll
RF5C-50 150' Roll

Colors for Rectango Rainbow
Clear Red Yellow Green Orange Blue


Scarlet Lemon Lime Navy Blue
Fluorescent Orange Fluorescent Green Fluorescent Pink



Controllers for Rectango Rainbow
Controller WL-5C-R Mini Controller WL-510-R


Accessories for Rectango Rainbow
Item Number


F1 & F2 Power Cord w/ Power Connector
F3 Splice Connector
F4 End Cap
F5 Tie Strap
F6 Mounting Clip
F7 Suction
F9 Easy Splice Connector
F18 Extension Splice
F20 Power Cord w/ B22 Power Connector
F21 Power Cord w/ Switch


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