Classic Color Box
Classic color box is simple, basic and convenient for storage. Two packages are available for decorations of different scale. The Flexilight is held on a plastic wheel inside the box, making it easy to unpack and re-pack the Flexilight. Every box of Flexilight is ready for use, with the accessories and instruction guide included.

Large Box - 36'

Small Box - 18'


Blister Pack
Blister Pack is a trendy, compacted and appealing package of Flexilight, which brings attention on shelves. Consumers can see the product inside. The Blister Pack is available in three sizes and is ready to use with accessories and instruction guide included.

Large Blister - 18' / 36'

Small Blister - 12' / 18'



Gift Box & Gift Bag
Millennium Color Box

Three retail packages that are tailored made for the consumer market. With the included accessories and installation guide, consumers can make their own fantastic light decorations with ease.

Gift Box - 18' Gift Bag - 12' / 18'

Millennium Color Box - 36'


Accessories Retail Pack
Accessories are available in bulk package, as well as in compacted retail packages. Accessories Retail Pack enables consumers to supplement the accessories they need for their own design of decoration.



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