Giant Golden Dragon

As the dragon symbolizes great fortune and Chinese heritage, it was selected as the theme model of the lighting project during the celebration of Re-Unification in China. The Giant Golden Dragon was 3.5 kilometers in length and made up of 50,900 meters of Flexilight as well as 2,017,200 bulbs. The spine and fins were made of Rectango Chasing Flexilight and square Flexilight. The scales of the dragon were made of Mini Flexilight while Instant Flexilight and Super Instant Flexilight were used to make up the rest of the dragon.


The Cheerful Face Of Sydney

As a celebration event in New Year's Eve 1997, Sydney made use of Flexilight to construct a Cheerful Face across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Together with the largest fireworks show, the Cheerful Face lit up the eastern side of Harbour Bridge. About one million people converged on the harbour to witness the spectacle. The whole project took 4 weeks, 500 laborers, 4000 meters of Flexilight, and over 135,000 bulbs. The concept of the bridge was to bring the year in with a smile!


New Year Parade In Singapore

Lunar New Year is an important festival in China. Chingay 26th Singapore was a parade held along Orchard Road on 7th February, 1998. In total, 13 floats were constructed and it took 45 days to complete the whole work. Thousands of meters of Flexilight contributed to the success of this remarkable ceremony.The spirits of the crowds were high and their cheers for the fascinating chasing, flashing, and color changing effects of Flexilight never stopped during the whole presentation.



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