Super Instant-Flexilight is a single-channel, 2-wire ropelight with vertical bulb insertion structure. Possessing the similar functions of Instant-Flexilight, it however generates the highest level of brightness in comparison with others, as almost like what neon-light can generate. With unbreakable and re-usable features, it has been widely perceived as an ideal replacement for neon-light.

Specifications of Super Instant-Flexilight
Voltage Loading Length Bulb Specification Number of Bulb/unit Power Consumption
12V 27' 3.0V, .07A, .21W 4 .84 W
24V 54' 3.0V, .07A, .21W 8 1.68W
110-120V 135' 6.5V, .07A, .46W 18 8.28W
220-240V 270' 6.5V, .07A, .46W 36 16.56W


Package for Super Instant-Flexilight
Item Number Length Package Type
SP-6 / SP-6-M 18' Classic Color Box, Blister Pack, 
Gift Box, Gift Bag, Millennium Box
SP-9 27'
SP-45 135' Roll
SP-90 270' Roll
* M= with mini controller

Colors for Super Instant-Flexilight
Clear Red Yellow Green Orange Blue


Scarlet Lemon Lime Navy Blue
Fluorescent Orange Fluorescent Green Fluorescent Pink



Accessories for Super Instant-Flexilight
Item Number


SP1 & SP2 Power Cord w/ Power Connector
SP3 Splice Connector
SP4 End Cap
SP5 Tie Strap
SP6 Mounting Clip
SP7 Suction
SP8 Channel
SP9 Easy Splice Connector
SP10 Y - Cord
SP11 T-Connector
SP13 Power Cord w/ Housing Clamp
SP14 Housing Clamp
SP15 Power Cord w/ PVC Connector
SP17 Molded Connector and End Cap
SP18 Extension Splice
SP19 Extension Cord
SP20 Power Cord w/ B22 Power Connector
SP21 Power Cord w/ Switch
SP22 Socket Series


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