LITE-A-RAY SUPPLY is an authorized 
dealer of FLEXILIGHT products!

Flexilight is made of highly durable solid PVC tube with a series/parallel arrangement of sub-miniature light bulbs. It is perfectly suitable for decoration and illumination around corners, driveways, staircases, and any places. A full set of models are available for producing different dramatic visual effects such as flashing, chasing, changing colors, and static, etc. For creating fantastic color effects, 10 standard colors of PVC tube coating and 4 bulb colors (for clear tubes) are available for selection. Comparatively better than traditional neon-lighting, it is unbreakable, water-proof, shock-proof, reusable, good for bending into any shapes, and dismantling. Most importantly, it can be easily installed. For example, Flexilight can be cut at regular intervals which is convenient for the lighting designer to make up the artwork. Such user-friendly feature adds extra benefit to consumers in all ages. Field repairing is possible. Each light bulb has a life span of over 35,000 hours while power consumption is only 0.46 watt. Therefore, it makes economical sense for choosing Flexilight as your favorite decorative lighting system. Each style of Flexilight is in the menu to the right. Click on each link to see the different styles.




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